Diversity Grants

We seek to support underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students participating in transportation research through direct funding. The purpose of these awards is to expose and encourage women and students of color to transportation research and job training opportunities. 

Examples of activities we hope to support:

  • Adding underrepresented student researchers to existing NITC research projects
  • Funding additional hours for existing underrepresented students
  • Provide exposure to transportation professionals through work with match partners 

Items that will not be supported:

  • Travel not essential to performing project tasks 

    In order to determine if your project fits the scope of the program, please contact the NITC Research Program staff at asktrec@pdx.eduprior to submitting your funding request.


      Faculty members and research faculty eligible to serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) from Portland State University, University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Technology, University of Arizona, University of Texas at Arlington or University of Utah may submit proposals. PIs with currently funded NITC projects must be in good standing with no overdue reports or requirements.


      Submit completed proposal and budget forms by logging into: http://ppms.trec.pdx.edu/. Select the “Diversity Grant” grant cycle to submit your funding request.

      Download the following documents from Application Forms:

      • Diversity Grant Proposal Form
      • Budget Form

      In addition, please review the information in the General Requirement Section and, in particular, the following document: 

      • NITC PI Handbook


      Funding is awarded on a rolling basis. Funds must be used within 12 months of the award date.


      • 1:1 match is required
      • Highlight student contributions in bi-annual progress reports
      • Funded students must submit a final 2-page memo, including:
        • Student name / degree program / advisor
        • Short summary of the research
        • Summary of the specific tasks and deliverables the student was responsible for
        • The impact on their education and/or professional career (e.g. new skills gained, professional development opportunities, industry insight, etc.)


      Key factors considered during the review of your proposal:

      • How the student will benefit from being a part of the proposed activity 
      • If known, please provide information on the student who will be funded

      Staff will determine the merits of the project. Funding decisions will be made within two weeks of proposal submission. Any missing information will delay awards.

      This NITC grant is part of the University Transportation Center program, funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and is a partnership between Portland State University (PSU), the Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech), University of Arizona (UA), University of Oregon (UO), University of Utah (UU), and University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).