Translating Research to Practice

This request for proposals is for projects that translate past NITC research into practice. Through this opportunity, we aim to ensure that NITC research makes the impact on practice that we know it can. The audience for the products of the projects will be practitioners. Researchers will build on previous research accomplishments and strengthen partnerships with transportation agencies and community organizations.

Examples of possible products include:

  • Developing a tool (e.g. guidebook, software, spreadsheet),
  • Conducting pilot projects with agencies to implement research results,
  • Technical assistance or training materials to implement results, or
  • Curriculum development based on NITC-funded research (e.g., university level, K-12, or professional development courses).
  • Other ideas are included in the RFP. 


  • We estimate awarding up to $350,000. Individual project requests should range from $25,000 to $75,000.
  • Projects should aim to take about six to nine months.
  • All awards will require a 1:1.2 non-federal match.


  • June 28 and September 1, 2021: Proposals may be submitted for one of two deadlines. NITC will have funding available to award for each deadline.
  • Project review and selection will take about one month.
  • August 1, 2021: Earliest projects can begin.
  • Project task orders will be no longer than 12 months, including the time for review of final products


Faculty members and research faculty must be from Portland State University, Oregon Institute of Technology, University of Arizona, University of Oregon, University of Texas at Arlington, or University of Utah to be eligible to serve as PIs and submit proposals. The lead PI must hold a primary, full-time, paid appointment in a research or teaching position, with exceptions granted for family or medical leave, as determined by the submitting institution.

Either the lead PI or a co-PI must have received past NITC funding for a research project that is the basis for their Translate Research to Practice proposal. Proposals may include multiple investigators. Proposals including multiple investigators must identify one lead PI contact responsible for reporting and associated administrative tasks. NITC Executive Committee members are allowed to submit proposals, but are not allowed to be involved during deliberations and decisions related to their proposals and will not be privy to the information discussed.


Learn more about evaluation criteria, matching fund requirements, how to apply and more by downloading the Translating Research to Practice: Request for Proposals (RFP)

Access the Project Proposal Forms, Budgets, and Data Management Plans here.