Escooter and bike parked on sidewalk
Jan 06, 2020
Becky Steckler and Rebecca Lewis, University of Oregon

What was once purely science fiction is starting to materialize on streets across the country. Advances in emerging technologies – such as autonomous vehicles (AVs), e-commerce, and the sharing economy – are having profound impacts, negative and positive, on how people and goods move around a city and are beginning to have substantial effects on land use, street design, parking, and...

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A bus on the street
Dec 04, 2019
Photo by Andrei Stanescu/iStock

Our National Institute for Transportation & Communities (NITC) research program has awarded grant funding for a new series of Small Starts projects.

The latest Small Starts Grant projects, evaluated by the NITC Advisory Board and selected by NITC's Executive Committee, will explore mobility impacts of construction workzones, transportation equity and barriers for low-income travelers, and the widespread impacts of emerging technologies like e-scooters and ride hailing.

This annual NITC funding program is a unique opportunity to tackle small-scale ($20,000 or less in scope) research projects. In contrast to our larger, annual flagship program ($30–150K), Small Starts enables us to include researchers who:

  • Bring a diverse, interdisciplinary perspective

  • Offer a new voice in the field, whether they’re untenured faculty or a researcher who has not received a NITC grant before

  • Want to kick-start a larger project by first tackling an exploratory study smaller in scope


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