Webinar: Investigations in Transportation: Partnering Industry Professionals and Elementary Teachers in a STEM Unit of Study

Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 10:00am to 11:00am PDT
Carol Biskupic Knight, Portland State University Center for Science Education

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Webinar: Investigations in Transportation

Investigations in Transportation was an elementary school partnership and curriculum development project, engaging STEM professionals in school-based design projects.

Fifth-grade students in two Oregon communities teamed up with transportation professionals from ODOT to redesign their school parking lots, resulting in better traffic flow and increased capacity. The immersive learning experience received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, teachers and administrators.

This webinar will demonstrate how the Portland Metro STEM Partnership was facilitated to bring transportation education into elementary school classrooms, offering students unparalleled access to STEM professionals working in their communities and to real-world applications of engineering principles.

Key learning takeaways include:

  • A set of protocols for transportation professionals to engage with elementary school teachers to support a practical education program that contributes to the development of a strong transportation workforce.
  • Guidance for incorporating the content and practice standards outlined by the Common Core State Standards-Mathematics and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Strategies for creating instructional units that will provide students with rich, engaging learning opportunities set in the context of real-world problems of sustainability, health and safety.

Carol Biskupic Knight has been in the field of education for 35 years. As a classroom teacher for 28 years, with a certification in special education and talented and gifted, she taught 1st -7th grades. For two years after leaving the classroom, she was a science specialist with the Beaverton School District instructing 3rd-5th grade students throughout the district on standards based-science inquiry lessons. She has a masters in education and a passion for engaging all students in learning and succeeding in the classroom. Carol has also been involved in providing professional development since the beginning of her career. Having presented hundreds of hours of presentations, workshops, trainings, and courses in a wide variety of areas, Carol is now putting her expertise to work in two different capacities: Portland State University Center for Science Education NITC and Math Science Partnership Grant Co-Principal Investigator, and Beaverton School District Elementary Science Curriculum Specialist.