Active and Public Transportation Connectivity between North Temple TOD and Jordan Park River Trail

Ivis Garcia, University of Utah



Students in the University of Utah’s Westside Studio researched and developed this project by studying the west side’s history and demographics, conducting surveys and focus groups with residents and performing on-site analyses of infrastructure and amenities. This report explores active transportation connections between the Jordan River Parkway Trail and the North Temple corridor on the west side of Salt Lake City, Utah. Its purpose is to evaluate sidewalks, trails and transit and to document their connections to neighborhood assets. This information is then used to diagnose issues and propose improvements that will strengthen those connections to better promote active transportation methods like walking and bicycling.


Focus group participants presented recommendations for potential improvements to North Temple (TOD transportation corridor) and the Jordan River Parkway Trail. For instance, many recommended having signage to direct people to, on, and from the trail: having markers to nearby streets, public transportation, and other amenities. We will be exploring with stakeholders how to implement a signage plan whose main goal is to connect the Trail to the North Temple business and transportation corridor. 

Project Details

Project Type:
Small Starts
Project Status:
End Date:
May 31,2017
UTC Grant Cycle:
Natl Small Starts Round 2
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