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Rethinking Streets for Physical Distancing

Marc Schlossberg
Rebecca Lewis
Re-designing cities and streets to make them safer, more comfortable, and ultimately more used by people on bikes has been undergoing tremendous growth in cities across the country as well as in transportation research, yet we have witnessed a signif ... Read More

From Knowledge to Practice: Rethinking Streets for People on Bikes

Marc Schlossberg
John Rowell , Roger Lindgren
This project is a follow up to a highly successful previous NITC project and subsequent nationally distributed book, called “Rethinking Streets: An Evidence Based Guide to 25 Street Transformations. The success of the first book demonstrates a need ... Read More

Rethinking Streets: An Evidence Based Design Manual on Making Streets into Complete Streets

Marc Schlossberg
John Rowell
The predominant approach toward street function on major roads in the United States is to emphasize mobility and throughput of vehicles. The “Complete Streets” movement challenges some of this paradigm, emphasizing that streets should accommodate ... Read More
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